About us

Clynton van Sittert established his practice in a private setting on the outskirts of Bedfordview.  The location boasts easy accessibility from the N12 and N3 highways. The setup and structure of the practice’s services allow an individual to learn more about their medical pathology/injury’s limitations. This, in return, helps clients to understand and realize the lifestyle adaptations and management of each condition by the use of individualized exercise prescriptions.


The term “Biolibrium” was coined during the practice’s inception as it describes the style in approach to each individual’s assessment. The word Biolibrium is derived from “Bio” meaning life, and “-Librium” streaming from equilibrium which states a balance between opposite forces and influences.

Clynton van Sittert Biokineticists look at each person as a whole. We focus on conducting a comprehensive initial assessment before prescribing a program suited to each individual’s needs and goals.

In order to treat a condition we need to understand what is causing it and how the cause influences the individual.


We then prescribe a tailored exercise program where we work one-on-one with the individual. All exercises focus on the injury/condition at hand, in order to improve their activities of daily living and their quality of life.


• Posture Assessments

• Flexibility/ Range of motion tests

• Balance and Proprioception

• Biomechanical analysis

• Chronic Diseases, eg.


    - Diabetes

    - Arthritis

    - Osteoporosis


• Special Populations / Neurological Conditions,eg.


    - Parkinson’s disease

    - Alzheimer’s

    - Stroke

    - Fibromyalgia


• Orthopaedic Rehabilitation eg.


    - Ankle

    - Knee

    - Hip

    - Spine

- High blood pressure

- High cholesterol

- Heart conditions

- Multiple sclerosis

- Cerebal Palsy

- Hemiplegia

- Elbow

- Shoulder

- Neck

• Pre-/post-operative Rehabilitation, eg.


   - Knee replacements

   - Hip replacements

   - Spinal operations


• Sports injuries, eg.


   - Ligaments

   - Tendons

   - Muscles


• Sport specific conditioning

• Geriatric (elderly) conditioning

• General health conditioning

• Surface EMG


   Electrodes placed on top of the skin overlying a muscle,

   in order to detect the electrical activity of the muscle,

   this may assist us in Injury prevention.


• Injury Prevention

• Sports Massage

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Vitality fitness assessment:

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Health check:

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